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Gerry Daalhuisen

Gerry is VP Solution Implementations at MPO. He has over 20 years’ experience in developing, commercializing, and implementing innovative IT-products and services in dynamic environments.
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Software Alone Is Not Enough: Factoring People into Successful Implementations

Posted by Gerry Daalhuisen     Mar 15, 2021 10:16:05 AM

“Digital transformation” typically refers to a technological upgrade. Yet, the new technology is just a tool to get at the heart of what’s really driving the initiative: a desire to change and optimize processes. While a tool can have powerful capabilities, its strength and success will inevitably depend on the people implementing and executing it.

There are many real-world instances of excellent supply chain software that failed to implement. That’s because software alone is not enough; the team you work with is integral to digital transformation success.

Here are five of the most common challenges businesses face in driving a seamless and successful upgrade, and how the right team and approach – as well as some critical software features – enable a fast and effective implementation.

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