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Jordan K. Speer

Jordan K. Speer is a Research Manager, Global Supply Chain, at IDC. Her work focuses on retailers’ and manufacturers' initiatives, best practices, trends, market conditions, and the competitive market landscape for supply chain execution systems. Her upcoming work in the beginning of 2020 will include reports on end-to-end fulfillment, returns management and reverse logistics, AI in transportation management, PLM, and recycling and sustainability in the supply chain. At her previous position as Editor in Chief of Apparel, Jordan’s work included such highly anticipated annual reports as Technology Trends, the Apparel Top Innovators, the Apparel Top 50, and the Digital Store Report.
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Optimizing vs. Maximizing: Obtaining a Bird's-Eye View Requires Digital Transformation

Posted by Jordan K. Speer     Jan 6, 2020 3:39:56 PM

I recently joined IDC as an analyst covering global supply chain execution and fulfillment strategies, and began by reporting on the difference between maximization and optimization in the end-to-end supply chain: how it’s important to move from the former to the latter, how optimization can only be achieved by viewing the whole ecosystem, and how difficult this has been to do historically. It also explores how a digital transformation (DX) and the promise of interconnectivity and visibility it offers, as well as the intelligence it enables when paired with analytics or AI, make the optimization of large, multi-enterprise, multi-country, multi-industry business networks a viable – and necessary – goal.

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