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Deliver for Your Customers with Supply Chain Orchestration

Posted by Martin Verwijmeren on May 10, 2017 8:47:09 PM

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Bring Visibility and Control to Order Fulfilment and Management

Supply Chain Orchestration (SCO) offers centralized control for planning and execution that covers all parties in the supply chain to provide real-time feedback and enable continuous optimization.

One of the key issues that every SCO platform must address is the need for visibility. When one hundred executives from Fortune 1000 companies were asked, only 19 respondents reported to have end-to-end supply chain visibility, according to a Gatepoint Research survey.

Without visibility, we are operating in the dark, making guesses about how to best serve customers. That’s why we placed visibility and control at the heart of all of our efforts, but we also want to highlight some practical examples of how SCO can be impactful.

This article is the second of four, and we are focusing on outbound logistics and how to best serve you customers. The first post highlighted 8 orchestration solutions for competitive advantage. Here we drill into some of the ways that SCO can bring tangible benefits to your business.

E-Commerce Fulfilment

A high level of flexibility and agility is required in e-commerce fulfilment today if you want to meet, or ideally exceed, customer expectations. Many e-commerce retailers aim to have orders picked and ready for the carrier within two hours of receiving them. They offer a range of delivery options, from same day delivery through to lower cost options.

With SCO, you can track an order as it comes in through the ERP system, monitor it through the pick and pack stages in the warehouse, and then choose the best carrier based on the customer’s needs. In order to offer same-day delivery across a wide geographical area, the system must allow for the selection of different carriers and distributors.

In an international scenario, where orders must be shipped overseas, SCO helps you manage the flow of goods. You need a system that can package orders into pallets in your U.S. warehouse, have the goods air-freighted, make sure they clear customs, and then drop them with the right local carrier for the last mile to the customer. SCO provides visibility every step of the way, mitigating risk and boosting efficiency.

Distributed Order Management

It’s very challenging, balancing inventory across locations to meet global customer demand. Customer satisfaction is all about delivery complete orders, on time. No customer wants partial or late deliveries. If an order comes in and you lack the ability to fulfil it from your local customer warehouse, then you need to be able to source it in a cost-effective way. The inventory may be available in another regional DC, a store, or a supplier. SCO can provide the oversight you need to identify every element of an order and ensure that it’s completed quickly at the right cost.

Pending orders and trends on demand can also be used to distribute inventory proactively, replenishing stock and automating balanced inventory levels that ensure everything is in the right place at the right time. Understanding inventory availability in transit allows for rapid, dynamic order fulfilment and ensures that every location from the major distribution centers, down to the individual stores, does not run out of stock.

SCO provides the big picture view you need, along with configurable automation for smooth performance, and the necessary control to empower you to take action when required.

In our next post, we explain how to boost your aftermarket performance with Supply Chain Orchestration.

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