How invoicing kicks off Integrated Transportation Management

Posted by Martin Verwijmeren on Jun 24, 2016 9:22:52 AM

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Supply Chain Professionals must start assessing the true amount of cost control they have over their transportation network. 

By doing so, they need to take into account their desired balance between operational excellence and customer intimacy on a continuous basis.


This is called Integrated Transportation Management. (ITM)

ITM enables companies to effectively manage the high proportion of operating costs tied to their transportation activities

A perfect starting point would be the invoice process.

The problem however is that nowadays many invoice related procedures are detached from the actual operations and therefore do not contribute to process improvement and cost control in a structural way. At least not to the extend it potentially could.

That's a pitty especially when considering the substantial bottom line improvement that can be reached. Did you know a solutions is nearby? It just requires a different perspective on your invoicing process.

Read all about it in MPO's White Paper on Dynamic Invoice Matching.

A good read that sets you on the path towards continous improvement and customer satisfaction!New Call-to-action






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