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Four Conditions for an Effective Logistics Control Tower

Posted by Martin Verwijmeren on Mar 2, 2017 10:53:35 AM

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 "80% of goods will be made in a country different from where they are consumed.” This shift in movement and consumption of goods will require improved management of the associated supply chain processes, according to McKinsey & Company on supply Chains 2020.

Supply Chain Orchestration Becomes a Competitive Weapon!

Instead of only focusing on detached processes. Modern Supply Chain Management requires focus on activity coordination among other business areas like ecommerce, sales and marketing and especially among external channel partners in the value chain.

The Key System is a Cross Chain Logistics Control Tower. With the proper systems and people in place, effective supply chain orchestration will come into reach and the rewards will be substantial:

  • Optimized logistics flows at cost and profit level
  • Customer intimate visibility and operational control
  • Optimal order consolidation across the chain to create economies of scale







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