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Learn How to Compete​ Against Industry Disruptors ​With Supply Chain Orchestration in Barcelona

Posted by Martin Verwijmeren on Jun 13, 2017 1:00:00 AM

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Meet MPO at the Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Expo, June 19-21

Bernard Gagnon_Sagrada_Familia_01.jpgNext week more than 600 industry leaders will come together in Barcelona to discuss the latest trends and tools in supply chain. Over the three days of sessions you'll get to hear from thought leaders from across a wide spectrum of industries.


Alongside traditional presentations there will be active case studies, in-depth discussions, and live showcases. Plus the opportunity to get involved in roundtable conversations with people who have made real differences in their business.

MPO is proud to be a sponsor of the 19th Annual EMEA Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Expo and as an exhibitor we will be demonstrating how Supply Chain Orchestration (SCO) can enable the operational excellence and customer intimacy your business needs. MPO EVP, Brian Hodgson, will be giving a luncheon talk on Tuesday, June 20th on the state of the industry and how to compete using optimized order flows. You can increase profits by managing your suppliers, logistics, and costs strategically, but you’ll need a platform that can give you the visibility and control to manage external partners as though they were part of your company.

Join the panel discussion on Integrated Business Planning and learn how it can unify your organization and provide a competitive advantage.  And you don’t want to miss the keynote case study from Claudio Marconi, Head of Logistics Development for Ikea, as he discusses how supply chain and logistics can become a core business for a retailing company.  A successful customer journey isn’t just about speed, there are other attributes that make for a great experience. The flexibility that SCO provides is ideal for tailoring individual customer orders to establish intimacy and deliver a great experience.

The modern supply chain is a complex beast. There are many different systems and platforms to integrate. The use of various systems like ERP are the norm, and they need to sync with warehouse, transport, and customs management platforms. With all of these disparate systems, it’s becoming tougher for companies to maintain the level of control and visibility they would like.

Integration is key, especially with today’s complex chains. Breakout sessions on chain management and technology deployment aim to drive more accurate demand planning and inventory availability. The core tenets of Supply Chain Orchestration apply here, underscoring the need to gain greater visibility into the financials to save costs, improve inventory deployment, and enhance the customer experience.

To find out how BMW automotive developed effective collaboration across its supply chain, and learn why it’s vital to move away from the silo mentality to maximize opportunities, you need to attend these roundtable discussions. SCO offers unparalleled visibility into your supply chain and the online, real-time tracking and control you need to meet shifting customer expectations and gain market share.

Finally, you don’t want to miss the panel discussion on the pitfalls and opportunities of managing supply chain inventory. It’s important to measure and analyze your supply chain performance for effective inventory management, but your metrics must be tuned to customer satisfaction. SCO can help you to better understand your level of customer service, set goals to boost satisfaction, measure progress, and make changes when needed.

Here at MPO we’re excited to be sponsoring the 19th annual SCLS Summit and driving the industry onward and upward to greater heights. We hope to see you in Barcelona!





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