The End of Stock and Transport

Posted by Martin Verwijmeren on Dec 21, 2015 12:14:57 PM

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Times are quickly changing. Especially in Supply Chain Management many traditional phenomena are rapidly becoming obsolete.

Your functional silos disappear into the black hole as we speak. 

As a matter of fact we are at the brink of a true revolution and you had better pay close attention.

This fundamental game changer is bound to happen:

Forget Stock, Forget Transport, Only Flows remain.

Read Dr. Martin Verwijmeren’s* sermon on The End of Stock and Transport and learn:

1.       Why stock and transport are two artificial fictions

2.       Why stock and transport only divide your problem in more complexity.

3.       What the new 21st century Supply Chain Management paradigm is.

4.       How you as early believer should act.

Enjoy this good read and be on the right track to supply chain heaven whilst enjoying a happy Christmas!

 The end of stock and transport

* Dr Verwijmeren is CEO of MP Objects.

MPO is fast growing SaaS for Supply Chain Orchestration.

MPO provides Customer Chain Control to shippers and LSPs .

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