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How to solve the Big Problems of Omni-Channel Order Fulfilment

Posted by Martin Verwijmeren     Oct 5, 2015 9:27:51 AM

An interview with Kees Jan Roodbergen lecturer quantitative logistics at the University of Groningen.


There are still many questions about e-fulfilment for which there are no ready-made answers.Different retailers make different decisions about outsourcing versus insourcing of their logistics operations. Cross-channel retailing and back-end collaboration with other webshops are other areas in which retailers currently are looking for best practices. It looks like cross-channel retailing and horizontal collaboration are on the rise. Time to get an expert opinion from Kees Jan Roodbergen lecturer at the University of Groningen and leader of the Dinalog project, "Cross Chain Order Fulfilment Coordination for Internet Sales".

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International Supply Chain Summit Istanbul 2014

Posted by Martin Verwijmeren     Oct 8, 2014 4:30:00 AM


MP Objects was the proud sponsor of the International Supply Chain Summit Istanbul (ISCSI) 2014 recently held in the metropolitan capital of Turkey. The international conference was held to present the transformation to 2020 in the world of supply chain management. Managers and professionals discussed the opportunities and challenges in global supply chains. Special interest was paid to bridging supply chain management across Europe and Asia and the pivot position of Turkey in connecting these continents.

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Major trends affecting supply chains in the future

Posted by Martin Verwijmeren     Sep 9, 2014 4:55:00 AM

Many people talk about the transformation going to 2020. What are the opportunities and challenges that will affect the global supply chain? The International Supply Chain Summit Istanbul (ISCSI) points out the following trends:

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